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Stator and rotor diagram

To remove the rotor, you will insert the long removal bolt from the puller tools and turn in with a flat blade screwdriver as far as possible. Next, using the short bolt included with the tool set, thread in the end of the rotor and behind the long bolt previously inserted. Continue tightening the short push bolt until the rotor releases from.

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The main difference between a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and an induction motor is in the rotor.Studies 1 show that the PMSM has an efficiency of approximately 2% more than a highly efficient (IE3) induction electric motor, provided that the stator has the same design, and the same variable frequency drive is used for control. In this case, permanent magnet synchronous electric. The flux diagram of the d-axis shows that there is a suitable path for the flux in this construction. The machine is magnetically slightly asymmetric, since there is a higher reluctance on the quadrature axis ... with a plate rotor is similar to the stator of an induction motor. The permanent magnets can be glued on the rotor surface similarly.

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Consider stator has 4 phases , 4 poles and rotor has ONE poles pair then the step angle 360 360 90 mN r 41 . The proper switching of the stator poles is controlled by the driver circuit. V A B C + _ I S 1 S 2 S 3 D S 4 A D Stator Poles Stator Winding PM Rotor Stator Frame Shaft C B N S.

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Wound-rotor motors deliver speed control of heavy and high-torque loads.What's special about the wound-rotor motor? This type of 3-phase induction motor has high starting torque, which makes it ideal for applications where standard NEMA design motors fall short. The wound-rotor motor is particularly effective in applications where using a squirrel-cage motor may result in a starting current that's.

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