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Montauk tribe recognition

It wasn’t until 1665 that Wyandanch, the grand sachem of the Montauk tribe, gave the settlers the right to pasture their livestock on Montauk. In 1686 the Montauk Indians sold Montauk to a group of East Hampton settlers, known as the proprietors, who owned the land in joint trust for almost 200 years. So began Montauk’s history as a summer.

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In 1879, Arthur Benson purchased almost 10,000 acres of Montauk Point for $151,000, from the East Hampton Trustees, despite the fact that the land was already owned by the Montaukett tribe.

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Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill, passed by both the New York State Assembly and Senate, that would have provided state recognition to the Montaukett Indians as a tribe. Having state recognition would not provide much help to the Montauketts—the Shinnecocks got such recognition in 1792 without getting much of anything.

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Chief Mattabesetts "Sequin" Montauk Chief of The Montauk Tribe was born in the year 1500 in Mattabesett-called Sowheag, Sequin &, Sequeen. Sequasson his son, son of Mongotucksee (Sequin) (END)Of the Montauk Tribe Montauk and Quashawan Montauk Matabesetts., they had 5 children. He was married in the year 1530 in glastonbury conn to Sarah Phinney, they gave birth.

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Contact Montauk Tribe of Indians Council of Elders. PO Box 1233 Farmingdale NY 11735. [email protected] 516-407-0222.

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