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Linq string array contains

LINQ to String Array. In LINQ to SQL, we don't have a LIKE operator, but by using contains(), startswith(), and endswith() methods, we can implement LIKE operator functionality in LINQ to SQL.

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For Each item As String In result. Console.WriteLine(item) Next. Console.ReadLine() End Sub. End Module. If you observe the above code, we used the LINQ query on the “ arr ” string array to get elements whose name starts with “ s ”. Here, we used ToLowerInvariant () property to convert string array elements to lowercase and compare.

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Contains operation is used for check whether an element is present in collection class or not. IEualityComparer is used when we compares custom Types. Contains operator comes under Quantifier Operators category in LINQ Query Operators.

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C# List Contains MethodUse the Contains method on the List type. Contains tells us whether a Contains. This C# method scans a List. It searches for a specific element to see if that element Part 1 A string List is constructed. The code adds 3 string literals to the collection's internal array through.

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Array.IndexOf tells you if an array contains a value, the OP wanted to know if a value contains any member of an array, exactly the You could use String.IndexOf with Linq: stringArray.Any(w => stringToCheck.IndexOf(w) >= 0) but the Linq answer using String.Contains makes more sense, as.

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